Efficient Turnaround

Long before the internet came around with its promise of instant gratification, Glendevon Furnishers was mastering the art of balancing speed of service with quality. We can take an order on a Wednesday morning and could be setting up your new piece of furniture, at your home, the following Monday. That’s not because we manhandle it like a lump of wood to rush it out of the warehouse in record time, but simply because we have built up an established relationship with reputable South Devon suppliers who respect our standards and can deliver to our timescales.

Expert Knowledge

When you walk into our Paignton town centre showroom, you will find yourself face-to-face with experienced staff who know their furniture and flooring. We will ensure all of your questions and concerns are properly addressed to help you make an informed decision that benefits you.

If you spot an interesting piece of furniture in our window which doesn’t have a price, chances are we haven’t forgotten to label it. More than likely it is an invitation to come inside and find out more; there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Delivery & Disposal

There is a high incidence of damage reported from customers of online furniture retailers where all too often the emphasis on getting items out of a warehouse as quickly as possible before moving onto the next customer on the waiting list. Delivery services are often ‘kerbside deliveries’, meaning you are still left with the task of getting the furniture inside, negotiating corridors and stairs and assembling yourself – often to find that bits are missing or there are cracks or other signs of damage.

This way of operating is alien to us. Once you have honoured us with your business and chosen our delivery service, we take as much care of your furniture as we would our own. The very least you can expect is to have the furniture taken into your home and assembled, by professionals, in front of your eyes. If it is a replacement piece we also offer a disposal service to save you worrying about what to do with your unwanted furniture. That, in our humble opinion, is real customer service.

Traditional Values

Glendevon Furnishers Ltd. have been providing South Devon residents with quality furniture for over 60 years, and we still embody those same traditional values of customer care, dedication to our trade and sterling service.

We think furniture is special and buying a piece should never be done on a whim after browsing some images and reading a brief catalogue description. That’s why you won’t find an online shopping cart or a big, bright checkout button on this Glendevon website.

We want you to come and pay us a visit, to give you the time and space to listen to the sound of well-oiled tracking as you slide open doors and drawers, to enjoy the unmistakeable aroma of quality pine or oak furniture and to feel the stitching along the side of a mattress or the pile of a thick, warm carpet. Most of all, we want you to ask us questions.